A Message of Encouragement

In honor of Spring, in honor of Autism Awareness Day, and in honor of all the AMAZING mothers and dads so tenderly dedicated to the love and care of our precious children on the ASD spectrum, and for parents everywhere of ALL special needs children…this one’s for YOU !!!

Have you ever truly listened

to the sweet melody

of a tiny bright bird

so joyous and free?

Do you know that she sings

come rain or come shine?

She cares not the difference

She sings ALL the time!

Have you heard in her song

a message to you?

Do you feel in your heart

a need to sing too?

Sing THANKS for the morning

Sing THANKS for the day..

Remember to sing

when things don’t go your way!

Sing with your smile

and sing through your tears,

the song in your heart

will add LIFE to your years!

For a heart filled with song

which was born of the soul

is a heart full of joy

that never grows old.

Like the tiny bright bird

a sweet melody

will lite on your lips

and set your heart free.



Join birds on the wing

as they sing FOLLOW ME !

J’nette Lee

I wrote this poem some ten years ago as I was studying for an upcoming cardiology exam out in the back yard one warm, early spring morning. The air was filled with birdsong .. the trees above my head were alive with birds singing their little hearts out. So much so, I had to put down my books, lay my head back, and absorb the blissful moment.

As I lay there taking it all in, the words above began to fill my head. They kept coming. When I could ignore them no longer, I finally reached for my pen and began writing them down.

I now dedicate this to all of you in the ASD Community. May your lives be filled with sweet birdsong…no matter what circumstance you may find yourselves in.


2 thoughts on “A Message of Encouragement

  1. When I was reading this, I figured you had written down the words to some song – until I read you wrote this! Extra talented!! Love it – it really needs some music! Thanks for sharing Jeanette! 🙂

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