Seeing not through the Eyes.. but with the Heart

~The child with autism is not ignoring you. He is waiting for you to enter his world~

I wonder how he sees his world. Is it kind? Is it good? Would you be him for just a day, for a minute ……. if you could?

He waits for you to join him, through his eyes the world to see. He welcomes you to sit with him.. without words he states his plea.

“I see the greens, I see the blue. I see the trees, do you? ” As he gazes at the water I wonder how he sees it too.

“Is the sun too bright, the breeze just right or does it bother you?”  He answers not but if he could ..what would he say to you?

I feel the sun warm on my back, the blues and greens I see. The gentle breeze it tickles me, ..but you are here with me.

Don’t go away, please stay!  A little longer, if I may.  I need to tell you what I FEEL.. what my HEART so longs to say.

My world is kind, my world is good… for I know you’re here with me. Will you put your hand in mine, for just a moment.. if you would?

I may not look you in the eye, but I feel your love for me. We see the world both you and me.. we  just see things differently.

How we “see” is worlds apart, and that’s ok by me. It’s not how I “see” but what I feel… that matters most to me.


5 thoughts on “Seeing not through the Eyes.. but with the Heart

  1. Hi, Jeanette. Inga D. is a friend and referred me to your blog. So lovely. Please feel free to contact me any time. My 4 yr old, Enzo, was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3. I would love to keep in touch with you.

    Take care,

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