” Where Omi go? She MISSIN’ ! “

Last week, I had the unfortunate happenstance of being rushed to an out of state teaching hospital via cardiac unit ambulance for unrelenting heart palpitations and dysrhythmias.

My husband being quite distraught, my daughter quickly offered to meet him and drive him to the hospital to meet up with me there. Of course, this also meant bringing Gavin along, as she had no one to leave him with, her husband being at work.

They arrived about an hour after I was admitted to my room. Gavin seemed blissfully unaffected by it all. He climbed right up onto my bed for huggles and smooches.

He particularly enjoyed the large window nook, scrambling over “PaPa Jay” to gaze down at the sights below.

He even presented me with something he had made in school that morning.. a picture frame with his picture in it !

Oh yes…so, so much sweeter than flowers on my night stand !

He quickly claimed the linens closet as his own private little nook, curling up in there for some quiet reading  and iPad time. 

He didn’t understand any of what was going on.. he was just happy to see Omi, and took this all in stride, never seeming to question the new surroundings, or why we were all here.

But when they returned home that afternoon, it was a different story. This is when he began to question. He is use to seeing his Omi at her house, and when they arrived to an empty house, he immediately began searching for me !

He would run out into the back yard looking for me saying “where Omi go, where Omi go?”

Then he would crawl up on the backyard swing where he and I have enjoyed so many special moments together, and he would sit there by himself, looking all forlorn and  asking “where Omi go? She missin’ ! Omi missin’ !”

He was finally was able to drift off to sleep at Omi’s house that night, content to at least have Omi’s kitty by his side.

I learned something these two days. My sweet grandson Gavin was making huge strides in his progress. He was now becoming able to verbalize his thoughts, his feelings, and his questions. He understood that something was “different” about this situation, and he was doing his very best to express these concerns.

This is a HUGE step.

It tells me he is no longer locked into his own little world, but is dipping his toe into experiences and circumstances outside of himself. He is aware of his surroundings , and more importantly, he is now VERBALIZING his perceptions and expressing the emotions associated with these perceptions and new experiences.

It has only been three months since his ASD diagnosis. The child he was back then compared to the child he is now is one we had only hoped to see emerge some day. Like the lovely butterfly leaving the  cocoon, Gavin is transforming daily before our eyes.

And what a beautiful sight it is to behold ! Something which makes this Omi’s heart VERY happy.


2 thoughts on “” Where Omi go? She MISSIN’ ! “

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your heart palpitations don’t seem to have resolved but I was so happy to read your blog post. Wow, Gavin – taking new surroundings (the hospital) in his stride, verbalizing feelings, talking about people that weren’t there. Amazing. You must be so proud of your little man and Jess – he’s doing so well. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Knowing that you are okay now (Right? Obviously hammocks and White Russians would leave me with that impression!), I can see this for a beautiful post about a wonderfully close family with a budding little sweetheart in the middle. Gavin is absolutely a cutie pie and you are one lucky Omi to have that picture frame!! How did you wrestle it from Jessica’s hands? 😉

    Yes, he is growing to see the world around him and not just himself and isn’t it beautiful? Very smart that Gavin! I’m guessing school and a wonderful combo of a loving mama and Omi is going a long way to accelerate that learning curve. I cannot believe how adorable the sleeping Gavin and kitty are together!!

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