Small Victories… Big Celebrations

“I peed standing up” !!! 

“I peed standing up ! Just like Daddy !”

For the very first time, Gavin surprised us with this new feat over the weekend. He was visiting here with his Mommy and began doing his little “dance” (the “pee pee dance” his Mommy calls it ). Being keenly aware and finely tuned to his every move and expression, she was familiar with the “dance” and knew he had to go. They headed to the bathroom.  A few minutes later, he reappears in the living room, happily hopping around and exclaiming

“I peed standing up!” (hop, hop) 😀 “Just like Daddy!” (hop, hop, hop)


Another milestone reached. It was only this summer that he conquered his fear of sitting on the commode, and we were thrilled that he has since been going potty on his own and wearing big boy undies.. with the occasional pull-up.

Now he surprises us yet again.

Daughter informs me that when she began to assist with his clothing, he pointed to the commode and said “put seat up”. After her initial quizzical look, she followed his instruction and waited to see what would happen next. Sure enough, he faced the commode and proceeded to pee just like a “big boy” !

Ahhhhhhh, the small victories we celebrate so hugely. And rightfully so. For every wee step is truly an enormous stride and deserving of celebration.

We all gleefully joined in on his victory dance, letting him know he had accomplished something special. We wanted him to FEEL special in return.


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